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Peter Gabriel - Plays Live (2021 Remastered) FLAC ...

Peter Gabriel - Plays Live (2021 Remastered) FLAC [PMEDIA] Torrent content (File list)
cover.jpg 137.3 KB
Disc One/01. The Rhythm of the Heat.flac 36.7 MB
Disc One/02. I Have the Touch.flac 31.0 MB
Disc One/03. Not One of Us.flac 33.9 MB
Disc One/04. Family Snapshot.flac 25.4 MB
Disc One/05. D.I.Y.flac 26.8 MB
Disc One/06. The Family and the Fishing Net.flac 41.8 MB
Disc One/07. Intruder.flac 26.5 MB
Disc One/08. I Go Swimming.flac 30.2 MB
Disc One/Peter Gabriel - Plays Live (Disc 1).cue 1.8 KB
Disc One/Peter Gabriel - Plays Live (Disc 1).log 9.7 KB
Disc Two/01. San Jacinto.flac 48.6 MB
Disc Two/02. Solsbury Hill.flac 30.2 MB
Disc Two/03. No Self Control.flac 28.3 MB
Disc Two/04. I Dont Remember.flac 25.9 MB
Disc Two/05. Shock the Monkey.flac 45.5 MB
Disc Two/06. Humdrum.flac 25.1 MB
Disc Two/07. On the Air.flac 35.6 MB
Disc Two/08. Biko.flac 41.1 MB
Disc Two/Peter Gabriel - Plays Live (Disc 2).cue 1.8 KB
Disc Two/Peter Gabriel - Plays Live (Disc 2).log 9.7 KB
Images Info/Album Art 01.jpg 5.2 MB
Images Info/Album Art 02.jpg 5.5 MB
Images Info/Album Art 03.jpg 1.7 MB
Images Info/Album Art 04.jpg 712.2 KB
Images Info/Album Art 05.jpg 1.6 MB
Images Info/Album Art 06.jpg 697.2 KB
Images Info/Album Art 07.jpg 5.3 MB
Images Info/Album Art 08.jpg 5.0 MB
Images Info/Booklet 01.jpg 6.1 MB
Images Info/Booklet 02.jpg 7.1 MB
Images Info/Booklet 03.jpg 7.3 MB
Images Info/Booklet 04.jpg 7.9 MB
Images Info/Booklet 05.jpg 2.7 MB

  • Torrent indexed: 5 days

  • Torrent updated: Wednesday 7th of April 2021 07:00:12 PM
  • Torrent hash: BC60DA91829BD583FB3E9CE2FE300407842EF823

  • Torrent size: 589.7 MB

  • Torrent category: Music


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